For the Truly Stupid (Stephie Zvan) and How Rape Is Not Like an Unwanted Pregnancy

First off, I'm going to put out the obvious - rape will sometimes culminate in an unwanted pregnancy. I can't believe I actually have to put that out there as most people who read my stuff are of rather intelligent stock. 

It seems Stephie Zvan is longing for people to disagree with her so she can add some meaningful purpose to her plopping out some truly astonishingly stupid bullshit on her blog. For instance, one of those brilliant pieces of complete idiocy is one where she compares rape to an unwanted pregnancy. She even references this in her plea for "good arguments":


I write a post about the commonalities between being raped and being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term to point out that calling rape babies an act of God is a particular sort of cruelty. I specifically list those commonalities. Somebody who disagrees with me comes along. Does she tell me why those commonalities aren’t valid? Does she say why they only happen in one case but not the other? Does she acknowledge at all that I’ve listed specifics? 
No, she just says she’s been through both and they’re nothing alike. She tells me never to talk about the subject again. Then she goes and complains about what a horrible person I am on Twitter.
Here is what I wrote on her post (the 1st bit is due to me not recalling which FfTBer has me blocked):
(let’s see if this gets through – I’m guessing no) – as a person who has been in both situations, I’m here to tell you an unwanted pregnancy is *NOTHING* like rape. Not even remotely. One is an inconvenience. The other is a complete and thorough violation of one’s body and mental stability. Please, do me a favor and never, ever compare the two ever again.
Now, if you continue looking through the comments on this post, at no point does Stephie-poo say "hey, what's your reasoning for your statement?" Nope. She goes on to talk about socks and liberty in her next post. To be fair, she may have put something out on Twitter. But I don't follow the idiot there so I wouldn't know. Also, I *did not* say to never talk about the subject again. I said to do me a favor and not compare the two again. Difference.
In any case, I'm going to put out  why rape is not like an unwanted pregnancy. A rape violates your body and your mind. A rape stays with you and reminds you of what you went through your entire life. A rape can make you distrustful of people and afraid to put yourself out into the public in any way, shape or form. A rape can make you feel like a non-person. A rape can carry itself into your dreams and make even your subconscious your enemy. An unwanted pregnancy? It's a fucking inconvenience.
Why in the world would I want to have a debate with someone who can't even fucking figure this stuff out on their own?