The Women Behind AtheismPlus

I'm going to try very hard to make this the last spiel I have on "Atheism Plus". It's hard simply because I hate seeing the community I've come to love be so divided and actually hampered by the creation of a group intent on co-opting not only the term "atheism" but also a logo (apparently the A+ logo on is from a tee-shirt that has been available on Richard Dawkins site for over 4 years). What is more distressing and pertinent to women is that there are 3 women behind the "movement": Jen McCreight, Ophelia Benson, and Rebecca Watson.

Normally, I wouldn't give 2 shits about these women or the movement. But they are actively and divisively stripping apart atheism and attempting to bring together a happy little club of women and sycophantic men under the guise of being more socially responsible. Nothing could be further from the truth. These women are simply angry that they've been slighted/harassed/sexed in some way, shape, or form and feel their best course of action is to create a "special snowflake" clique.

Ladies, I'm here to tell you that your tiny fucking "slights" or sexist remarks are part of the real world. Each and every one of you spend an astronomical amount of time on the Internet and when you aren't chatting it up on your computer, you're off talking to groups that have organizations *begging* you to be there and willing to pay for your constant mini-vacations. I would be happy to swap my childhood and early adulthood with *any* of you. I know what real sexism and misogyny is. All three of you are so quick to throw around the word "misogyny" and yet not one single one of you can correctly identify the true meaning of the word.

Let me clue you in - it means "hatred of women". Do you understand this phrase? HATRED of women. Not bullying, not chiding, not sexist and/or inappropriate remarks. It is the hatred of women. Do any of the three of you understand what that is? I can tell you from my standpoint that the hatred of women will culminate in rape. Not always but it does. That is *nothing* in comparison with some random guy asking you back to his place for coffee. That had the opportunity of saying no and moving on. But clearly one of you thinks this is just over the top and had to make a fucking public spectical of the entire situation. And that's where I have a problem. Saying no and meaning no while moving on does not mean deride and publicly (even if you don't give out the person's name) vilify the originating asker. That's just plain bullying. Yes, bullying. You're no better than a school yard thug.

You don't take your perceived slights (yes, on the Internet some bizarre freak who rants of raping is a slight unless you've stupidly given him your address) and stomp off to create a "special snowflake" clique. Especially one that takes a word that has fuck all to do with your issues and simply states to the world that you don't believe in deities. Furthermore, you don't purposely steal a logo from Richard Dawkins (with whom more than one or two of you have issue) and place it out as your own.

Wanna impress the locals? Come up with a unique moniker. Don't steal from adversaries. Oh, and most of all, ladies? Check your own "privilege*.